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Featuring Northern Shaolin Tai Chi Praying Mantis Kung Fu



The Instructor:


36th generation Northern Shaolin Temple Instructor, from the Grandmaster Wong Jac Man lineage.




9th generation Tai Chi Mantis Instructor from Grandmaster Chi Chuk Kai lineage.





Certified to teach Northern Shaolin, Tai Chi Chuan, Chi Gong, Northern Praying Mantis ( 7 star and Tai Chi Mantis).

Other Martial Art studies included Hsing Yi, BaQua, Kali/Arnis, Japanese Shotokan (Sho-Dan), Kyudo (San-Dan).



monk me

Ordained Lohan Chan Buddhist Priest -
Hsu Yun clergy linage.

Given Dharma name: Fa Chuan (Shi) Shakya

Studied under Venerable Ming Zhen Shakya (formerly Chuan Yuan Shakya), she was Chan/Zen Priest and Dharma Teacher, a writer, an artist. She was the first American to be ordained in Mainland China since the communist revolution. She has been fully ordained and authorized to teach the Dharma to Westerners by both Master WeiYin Shakya of the Linji/Rinzai lineage and by Master Fo Yuan Shakya (MiaoXin FoYuan) of the Yunmen/Ummon lineage of Chan/Zen Buddhism.

A Heart Chan practitioner/instructor
under Taiwan Chan Master Teacher Wujue Miaotian vice abbot of the Shaolin temple.

Chan Master Miao Tian is the 85th Patriarch of Chan Buddhism and the enlightened spiritual teacher of the Chan School based in Taiwan.

台湾の禅師匠 Wujue Miaotian の修行生。禅師 Miaotian は禅仏教の85代目家長で、台湾を拠点にする禅学校での

Other Chan studies with:

Venerable Beishi Guohan immigrated to Vancouver, B. C. Canada in 1993 and met Chan Patriarch Huikong Shengyan in 1994. He became Patriarch Sheng Yen’s disciple and investigated Chinese Chan for twelve years. Guohan focused first on the investigation of Silent Illumination Chan followed by Huatou Chan.

Venerable Guohan was President of the Vancouver Branch of Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Association 2001– 2002, and founded the Suddenness Chan community, “Cosmos Chan (Zen) Community”, for the purpose of deeply and widely popularizing Chan in the West.

Given Dharma name of : Chang Yuan (常願) by
Venerable Beishi Guohan.


Sonoma Zen Center - Sonoma Ca.

Berkeley Zen Center - Berkeley Ca.



Additionally certified in :

Feng Shui

by Master Larry Sang - American Feng Shui Institute

Master Joseph Yu B. Sc. - Feng Shui Research Center


Accupressure (Jin Shin Do)

ASA sailing.


Further studies have included, Transentental Meditation, Yoga, Herbology.



Currently listed as a Komuso Priest

with Myoanji Zen Temple in Kyoto, Japan
(The first Black Komuso)